netconnex wins eu tender for bitmarck's all ip telephony product


August 11, 2023





New product for health insurance companies in Germany:Private cloud-based telecommunications solution for Bitmarck

Purchasing via Bitmark

The days of ISDN and traditional fixed-network telephony are numbered. Across Europe, business telephone and broadband connections are currently being converted to standardized all-IP technology. Companies in the healthcare sector are also affected.

Not long ago, the focus was on ensuring uniform availability of employees under one number by means of appropriate telephone systems. Today, on the other hand, the focus is on integrating far more services and devices. Unified IP technology makes it possible to provide all services, such as telephony, fax, video, Internet and mobile communications, in a single network. The progress made by IP technology is enormous. Not only can it save considerable costs, it can also improve collaboration within a company and between its customers and policyholders. An important step towards the digitalization of the company and the workplace of the future," explains Tino Dörstling, Head of Customer Service at BITMARCK Beratung GmbH.With the ISDN phase-out, many health insurance companies and companies in the SHI environment are now faced with the question of which telephone system is the right one for them. In order to make this procurement process easier for customers and to support them in the changeover to All-IP technology, BITMARCK Beratung GmbH carried out a Europe-wide tender in the area of IP telephony with video in the second half of 2018. The Aachen-based company netconnex GmbH emerged as the partner.

The solution: ALL-IP telephony from Bitmarck

Together with its partner netconnex GmbH, BITMARCK Beratung GmbH offers a cloud-based telecommunications solution based on the leading manufacturers Cisco and Caseris. The core of the solution consists of standard telephony with additional CTI and ACD functionalities and a video conferencing system. In addition, it enables insureds to be advised by video. Particularly noteworthy is the complete integration of the solution into the GKV industry software BITMARCK_21c|ng. In addition, other customer-specific databases can be coupled with this solution.BITMARCK customers have several options to implement the new telecommunications solution in their company. With its solution, BITMARCK offers a modular structure in standard telephony and optional extensions per workstation as well as the custom-fit mapping of ITC requirements. For example, it is possible to extend standard telephony with chat and video and even integrate mobile devices (iOS, Android) via an application.In addition to the continuous further development of the solution without additional costs, it offers a redundant structure of systems and components.The administration of WAN routes for data and telephony is carried out from a single source, the CTI connection in BITMARCK 21c|ng is included. Equally interesting are the fixed calculable costs during the contract period including telephone charges, e.g. by a Germany-wide flat rate per connection. And best of all: BITMARCK is available as a central contact for consulting and operation on the right individual solution for the customer.

Safety first

It should be noted that companies operating their own All-IP telephony solutions incur increased security costs. When operating in or via the BITMARCK data center, this task does not apply due to the security technology and security infrastructure already in place there as well as the protected lines to the customer. As a result, insurance data is clearly separated and is not located on the same systems. But that's not all: In addition, BITMARCK uses special end-to-end encryption for voice transmission. Even if you make calls via free WLAN, your call contents are protected at all times by the encryption technology.The cloud-based telecommunication solution is thus in no way inferior to ISDN in terms of security. On the contrary: With the help of encryption technologies, the level of security can be increased significantly above that of ISDN.With this tender, BITMARCK has created a unique opportunity for its customers to procure a modern multi-channel solution on a platform at optimal conditions and without its own tender.

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