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Minimize travel costs and still work together as a team in real time and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face communication: Video telephony and video conferencing make this a reality. The netconnex hosted solution offers you maximum convenience with optimum sound and image quality. The technical prerequisites for this are quickly created - netconnex offers you top-quality video telephony from the cloud and equips your conference rooms and workstations with the corresponding high-end equipment. The same applies here: scalable as needed without high infrastructure costs.

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Cisco high end video conferences

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Sykpe for business integration

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Cisco Desk Series

Turn any desk into your private workspace with the Webex Desk series devices. With the simple status display on the screen, you can easily identify a free desk and benefit from the advantages of a dedicated all-in-one device.

Webex Board Pro

Cisco Webex Boards are fully integrated collaboration systems. They help companies that do not have separate screens available to transform a room into a user-friendly and intelligent meeting room.
Webex Room Bar in black and grey

Webex Room Kits

The Cisco Webex Room Kits in combination with one or two displays offer an optimal video conferencing and collaboration solution for groups of up to 7 or 14 participants (in the Plus version).

webmeeting by netconnex.

Our answer for all those who demand a high level of privacy, security and individuality. webmeeting, based on Cisco Meeting Server, offers a highly available and DSGVO and SGB compliant video meeting solution for all needs.

webconsult by netconnex.

Our DSGVO and SGB compliant secure booking and video consulting tool for any company.