Cisco IP Phones 8800 Series

The modern business phones

The modern designed business devices support encryption, are compatible with telepresence and HD telephony. Optionally, headsets, add-on modules with LCD can be connected to expand the function keys/line keys. Different colors are available. The devices are suitable for the communication-intensive workplace, but also for executive/secretary use. In a market-wide comparison, Cisco's 88xx series phones are extremely power efficient - despite the large displays, High PowerUSB, Gigabit and some with Bluetooth/ WLAN, thanks to EnergyWise, network-controlled power saving. With Cisco Intelligent Proximity, contacts and call lists can be shared and calls can be transferred from a cell phone to the 8800 series. A five-way navigation wheel makes it easy to navigate through menus: Displayed content can be easily seen on the five-inch, high-resolution display, even in low-light conditions.


Technical Details

  • HD telephony compatible
  • Power saving with EnergyWise
  • Full encryption
  • High resolution displays
  • Easy call distribution
  • Integration of analog fax machines
  • CRM integration
  • Many other features