21c integration

Making the existing even better

Making existing things even better - with this development principle, the software house CASERIS has developed the CTI and ACD applets for integration in BITMARCK_21c|ng. netconnex markets the All IP complete solution with 21c|ng integration for health insurance companies in Germany together with BITMARCK.

A health insurance company has a hotline number on its website that both new customers and existing members can use to call. When a call comes in, the CAESAR phone for 21c|ng checks whether the number is already stored in 21c|ng. If this is the case, the system further checks whether there is an open case and, if necessary, connects directly to the last contact person. If the phone number is not known, the caller is transferred to the contact center group for new members. Here, the next free employee takes the call and can create a file for the new member directly in 21c|ng and enter all the details for the membership application.

Functions with 21c|ng

Livechat integration
for web

Inbound and


Multichannel capability


Call center dashboard with statistics


Many more

Highlights of the Bitmarck solution

  • Telephony functions directly from the 21c|ng interface
  • Connection of external data sources (CRM, ERP, company address directories, telephone directory services) possible
  • Intelligent distribution of incoming calls
  • Statistics such as call duration and attendance times