If Home office, then properly

Home office and Hybrid work

Modern Communication from home

The global COVID-19 pandemic posed and continues to pose enormous challenges to our economies worldwide. Lockdowns and quarantines caused empty offices and the general decline in travel activities made it difficult to initiate business.

However, it doesn't always have to be a global pandemic, even a broken heater in winter can paralyze an office for several days. With our solutions, you remain able to act. Even if the house connection to your business premises fails, you can still be reached - just from home. Your customer will not notice any of this, because you can still be reached at your usual telephone number. Simply take the service phone home and connect it to your router - or use our softphone and make calls conveniently from your PC. Dialing in and establishing a secure connection through the Internet is completely automatic.

It's good when the technology works, but it's better when it fits your needs exactly. The best solution: netconnex Unified Communication and Collaboration! Feel free to contact us to find out how we can tailor our solutions to your needs. At netconnex, we are proud to help shape this digital revolution - and help you stay in business!

The best choice for your home office

Set up in just 5 minutes

Simply take your work phone home and connect it to your router - the rest happens by itself! You can already be reached on it at your usual number.


Use our phone services on your computer, or via mobile app on your phone or tablet - from anywhere!

Simple, clearContact Center services

Whether it's a call, e-mail, fax, SMS or instant message - with our contact center services, you can handle all inquiries promptly and efficiently, of course from home. More

Video conferencing and collaboration

Bleiben Sie mir Ihren Kollegen in Kontakt! Durch unsere Videokonferenz- und Collaboration Dienste gestalten Sie ihre unternehmensweite Zusammenarbeit auf einem neuen Niveau.

Fully encrypted and secure

All our home office services are always fully encrypted. So that your high IT security standards remain met even when working on the move.

Agile working from home

Home office and mobile working make your company flexible and agile. With the netconnex UCC services, you coordinate yourself in a contemporary way. Simply write directly to your colleagues or chat with entire groups about individual projects. Share your screen to work together and share files easily and uncomplicatedly. And if you want to make it even more personal, simply set up a video conference. Replace the privacy of your home in the background with your company logo or a high-end office with a view. With netconnex, you can master the challenges of the present in no time at all and stay fit for the future.