Room Devices

Webex Room 55/70

From room to meeting room

Cisco Webex Room 55 and 70 are fully integrated collaboration systems. They help companies that do not have separate screens available to transform a room into a user-friendly and intelligent meeting room. It doesn't matter if the room is small or large. The Webex Room models combine basic technology for a conference room with professional displays. The Webex Room 55 consists of the Cisco Webex Room Kit and a 55" 4K display. The Room Kit includes a digital camera with zoom capability, a codec, and a powerful microphone and speaker system with built-in bass. Cisco's Room 55 is best suited for small to medium-sized rooms with 6-8 people. The Webex Room 70, on the other hand, comes with a 70" 4K display in combination with the Room Kit Plus and is available in single or dual versions. Both variants have the 5K Ultra HD Cisco Quad Camera built in and a powerful codec forms the base system. In addition, the Room 70 offers stereo sound, which is optimized specifically for voice. This makes these models suitable for larger rooms with up to 14 people.


Technical Details

  • 5k Ultra HD camera up to 60fps
  • Noise reduction, lip sync
  • LCD monitor with LED backlight
  • Up to 2 HDMI input 4k at 30fps
  • Up to 2 HDMI output 4k at 60fps
  • Line out mini jack (stereo)