Room Devices

Webex Room Kits

All-in-one solution with 5k camera

Cisco Webex Room Kit / RoomKit Plus is a room system for collaboration meetings. The all-in-one solution, equipped with a 5K camera, up-to-date codecs, high-quality speakers and microphones, provides a comprehensive solution for small to large conference rooms with up to 7 people (Room Kit) or 14 participants (Webkit Plus).To make conference rooms and meetings smarter and more functional, this innovative all-in-one solution integrates with all flat panel displays. In addition, the built-in camera brings a high resolution of 15 MP, automatic image adjustment and speaker tracking. It also detects when a person enters the room and realizes all people within range during a meeting. Intelligent resource distribution significantly increases the quality of the built-in speakers and microphones during presentations, and sharing content in 4K is also optimized. Cisco's Room Kit is hardware-optimized and can run in a cloud, expanding the possibilities of conferences in many ways.


Technical Details

  • Up to 7 or 14 participants
  • 5K UltraHD camera
  • Crystal-clear audio
  • High-end microphones
  • TelePresence Touch 10" control panel
  • Up to 2 4K HDMI inputs
  • Up to 2 4K HDMI outputs
  • Many other features